Writer of spicy rom-coms featuring feisty, curvy heroines

The Bleeding Hearts Inn

A brokenhearted lawyer moves to an island to work as a maid at the sexiest hotel in the Pacific Northwest... the Bleeding Hearts Inn.

If there’s one thing that Eloane hates, it’s lawyers. She ought to know—she used to be one…

Clever and curvy Eloane has it all—good job, nice apartment, and a steady relationship. The problem is, she doesn’t want any of it.

And being utterly betrayed by her boyfriend is the last straw…

She runs away from her life in Seattle and moves to the tiny island of Passeo, where she decides to work as a maid at the Bleeding Hearts Inn, the sexiest inn in the Pacific Northwest.

If it’s true that opposites attract, is it also true that samesies repel?

Eloane finds herself instantly attracted to the inn’s Greek-god handyman, Joel, and instantly repelled by Anthony, one of the guests. Joel is buff, gorgeous, and wild. Anthony is gruff, condescending, and, worst of all, a lawyer.

As Eloane’s dalliances with hunky Joel quickly grow steamier, her infuriating encounters with Anthony confirm she was right to run away from the world of lawyers.

But when Anthony convinces Eloane to help him work on a time-sensitive legal case, they find themselves collaborating while cooped up in his room. Before long, temperatures are rising, and she begins to wonder if this blue-eyed know-it-all isn’t really her natural enemy. In fact, he seems to know her better than she knows herself!

When it comes to capturing a torn Eloane’s heart, who will win out: her opposite or her samesies?

Welcome to the Bleeding Hearts Inn, where the stories are super spicy, slow-burning, and guaranteed to end with a Happily Ever After! 

About Robbie Shaw

I am a resident of the Pacific Northwest and, by default, a lover of mountains, oceans, hiking, nature… yada yada. I spend my spare time making short films, taking intimate photographic portraits, training for marathons, and riding my li'l Suzuki motorcycle.

I make it a point to avoid all the horrible news and instead watch all the romantic movies (I love you, Nora Ephron!). And I’m currently bingeing my way through every swoony K-drama ever made, for, you know, research.

As a writer, I am a fan of feisty, curvy heroines who are struggling to find their place in the world, and of complicated men who give them the appreciation and adoration they deserve.